Program Management

We specializes in the strategic management of a group of related projects to create efficiencies and achieve the strategic goals and objectives of our clients. We can offer augmentation to your existing staff or our services on an “as needed” basis.

SCADA Security Solutions

We provide and assist our clients with developing and implementing solutions that protect supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks. .

Network Engineering Services

Our clients can give us their needs and we can assist with or provide design, implementation, testing & evaluation and/or demonstrations based on your desired investment criteria.

DOD/DOE Mission Gaps

Clients can provide us with their mission gaps, and we can assist with addressing their cyber security strategic planning, coordination and management of potential solution sets.

Electromagnetic Superiority

Temporally we will partner with our clients to develop their electromagnetic spectrum capabilities and readiness with the spectrum to support the government’s strategy to obtain and advantage complex adversaries.

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CMMC/CUI Compliance & Accreditation

We can assist our clients with compliance and accreditation of CMMC/CUI standards as they will become a part of future acquisitions by the Federal Government.

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Risk Management Framework

We work with our clients to improve their information security, strengthen the risk management processes, and  define how people leverage processes to manage technology, ensure oversight, and reduce an organization’s risk exposure