Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority (EMS)-Superiority


The 2020 DoD Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy (EMSSS) builds on over a decade of analysis and realization for the necessity of “freedom of action in the EMS…a precursor to successful conduct of operations in all domains.” The growing number of EMS-dependent systems across military, civilian, and commercial sectors creates an increasingly congested, contested, and constrained electromagnetic operating environment (EMOE). The ability to quickly and accurately sense, assess, and adapt is vital to EMS maneuver that balances EMOE complexities and mitigates risk to Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2). The CJCS recognized the need for reinvigorating electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) throughout the DoD and directed the CCMDs to stand up a Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Cell (JEMSOC) to perform the duties outlined in JP 3-85. Successful JEMSO requires CCMD component organization to understand and implement EMSO planning and execution at their level. USINDOPACOM is growing the JEMSOC mission set and requires the subordinate components to execute EMSO with efficacy to support the JEMSOC and CCDR objectives.

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